Telephone lines

I remember being very young and learning the magic of telephone wires, how the sounds of voices were traveling through that thin filament. One voice heading west, the other east, two people talking, meeting in the space between.

Honestly, a lot of my communication goes in one direction. To the kids, to the teachers, to you who are reading this. (And, even more honestly, I wish sometimes someone would write back, let me know that these words are being heard on the other end.)

The best moment I had today, besides the cupcakes Sheridan snuck over to my house after she showed off her new birthday jacket and scarf, happened after school. There were five of us in the room trying to write a new central idea for a new unit. One idea binged into the next. Doubting, suggesting, summarizing, questioning. Ideas strung from one stake to the next, a web of wires connecting us, tightening and lifting the thinking.

Thank you, colleagues, for being the grace of the day. How rewarding it is to link my voice to yours, and know that our voices together build the circle of learning.


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  1. I love reading your words. They reverberate with me at a very deep place. Sometimes I go to respond and am asked to sign into something I don’t know about; other times I am moved so deeply I don’t know how to respond. I am awed and touched by your thinking, your courage and your words.

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