Made a poetry collection

Ok – here it is, the link to my collection of poems. I was going to apologize for the price, or about the quality of the poems (any real poet would have a thousand edits including the 4 typos I just caught), but then I decided no. It’s flawed, as am I, and I hope you will find that charming.

You know me – you who have read my Facebook poems, my Lenten poems, my Advent poems. I have given this community a lot and it seems as if this community believes that my writing helps. Something in it strikes a chord.

So, if you have been someone who has been moved or challenged by my writing, please consider buying this book. And, if you feel so called, please share this link with others. I say this not because I want more money (to be transparent, I will earn 6.81 a book), or some vague future fame. I say it because I think there is something in this simple collection that might make a shift, a change, a movement or commitment to light. And damn, when we do that individually, the world itself grows wings.

Thank you, faithful readers, over the years. And thank you, in advance, for buying “Squinting for things I cannot yet see.”

Click here to link to Amazon: Squinting for things I cannot yet see


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