Volume up, tears coming down

This song took the byway
from my ears to the hard knots
in my back where my ribs
fit into my spine, and
I found myself crying, again,
not because I was sad or happy,
but because the steady rhythm of truth
seemed to be breaking down
my bones into small pieces
that might be mistaken for
oyster shells or baby teeth.
And I felt like, if I need to be
torn apart, it should always
be through song, and, if I am
to be changed, let it be right there,
where breathing meets purpose,
where expansion is joined
to boldness, backbone, and resolve.
Let it reside there where love
needs to be, in the center,
taken in and given back,
twelve times a minute, every
single day from this day,
until the very last.


Mary Lambert ~ She keeps me warm